Update “HARFE-DVD“: Digital Edition of 30 years „DIE HARFE“ (Issues 1-116)

The new and updated edition of the HARFE-DVD with DIE HARFE issues 1-116 will again be a source of valuable information for many years to come. Starting from issue 100, illustrations in full colour (if available) are included.
The DIE HARFE issues 1-116 are available in electronic format (PDF files) and are easily accessible for viewing and printing, and also for fast keyword searches for all issues on this DVD.
The HARFE-DVD was developed for users of Windows and the Acrobat Reader. For other operating systems, the functionality cannot be guaranteed.
For the HARFE-DVD, user instructions are included in English and German.
The work on the DVD was carried out by many FAI members. Many thanks!

The HARFE-DVD will be sold for € 15 for Members and € 19 for Not-Members (plus postage).
Please order your personal copy from

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