FAI held its AGM at the river Mosel

The Mosel River is a major wine-growing region (mainly Riesling wines) in Germany, and includes lots of very old towns (for example, Trier is a 2000-year-old former Roman settlement). The FAI meeting was held in Rachtig, not far away from the famous village of Bernkastel-Kues. On Saturday, a trip to Bernkastel was organized on a Mosel ship, and was well attended also by our Irish friends. One could see the wineyards covering the mountainside while enjoying the bright sunshine. Bernkastel offers a variety of restaurants and wine taverns, and scenic places and buildings.

The FAI auction and the AGM was held also on Saturday, as well as our FAI dinner party with an attractive buffet with local specialities. For the party, Michael Kelly brought an Irish FDC for every participant, which was greatly appreciated. The Kuipers couple were phoned that they had become grandparents, and they shared their joy with us paying for a round - congratulations and many thanks!

On Sunday, Otto Jung offered a guided tour to Trier, and many of us enjoyed his expertise during our visit to Constantineís Basilica, the Cathedral, the Porta Nigra, the Emperorís Thermes and other sights. This was a very interesting tour. Many thanks to Otto!

We all hope to see you again for next yearís AGM (May 4-6, 2007) in Bavaria (Herrsching am Ammersee), again with beautiful surroundings, close to the lake and the mountains!

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» Wein- und Ferienregion Bernkastel-Kues for the location